Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Year, new training schedule

While I managed to keep up my running intermittently over the Christmas holidays, I have to admit that my dedication to hitting the road was outclassed by my commitment to gorging on festive food. This was the first time I relaxed my grip on my diet and I was reminded of quite why I got so fat in the past. Fortunately I am back on the straight and narrow again now following the beginners marathon running programme from Women's Running magazine.

Not that I am planning a marathon this year, but I thought it would be a good schedule to stick to and challenge myself in 2012. So far it has proved to be pretty tough. I kicked off with a set of three threshold runs, which essentially seemed to mean running until I felt as if I was about to be sick and then grinding to a virtual halt to get my breath back. I am sure this isn't what it is meant to be like, but by the end of the session I think I had got the hang of it. Apparently they are meant to build up endurance and lung capacity - we shall see.

Next up was a truly horrible experience called the Ultimate Core Workout. Oh my goodness. I was drenched with sweat before I was even halfway through, and as for the planking on one arm and one leg, well that never happened. It was enough to simply manage a basic plank by the end of five minutes running at a gradient of 8 on the treadmill. Still at least it is something to work towards.

Today was continuous or Kenyan (after the African runners' famous training routines) hills, which is exactly what it sounds like - sets of running up and down a hill with a recovery jog in between. It was hard, but as I have done a lot of hill training due to my vain pursuit of a nice arse it was probably the best of a bad bunch.

I am hoping that all this training for a full marathon will mean that the shorter races I have signed up for this year will be a doddle. Though I have added another run to my 2012 roster with my first proper off road trail run in May, the Runner's World Trailblazer in Bedgebury Forest.

Will keep you posted on my progress with that core workout and I am still trialling all those lovely potions to keep my skin silky soft what with all these winter runs.


  1. I thought I was good for loping slowly round Friary Park twice this morning. I'm tired just reading this! Well done.

  2. I missed you once again, I did my continuous hills in Friary Park. I was the sweaty, exhausted looking one....