Monday, 24 October 2011

Run away with me.....

I suppose I should introduce myself, it would only be polite, although I think I have said all that needs to be said by way of introduction in my 'About me' box - just take a look on the right hand side of your screen. As you can see I am no expert when it comes to running. In fact I come over all inadequate when I speak to anyone who has finished a marathon, let alone done it quickly.

I used to run, years ago, before I was encumbered with children, but that was only ever a trundle around the park. I wish now that I had realised how much fun running could be back in the days when I had all the time in the world to devote to it, rather than now when I try to slot it in around keeping the family happy, fed and entertained. I dream of being able to disappear for hours on end seeing just how far I could run without collapsing, but then I remember that I have to get the dinner on.

Of course this may all be a fantasy in any case, as perhaps my 25-year-old self could have run forever without creaking to an embarrassing halt, but my 40-year-old self might not be quite so accommodating. In fact it has been fun to compare notes with my fellow middle aged running mates as to which bits of us click, ache and give out the most. I have a troublesome hip and a clicky knee, while others have weak backs, twinges in the hamstrings and cramps in their feet.

Yet I think that perhaps what I can bring to the party now that it is a more sedate affair of G&Ts and smart canapes, rather than cider and a bag of chips, is a steely determination not to give up. When I was in my 20s I ran for fun, and to keep vaguely fit, now I feel as if I have something to prove. Not to other people, but to myself. That I can achieve this goal that I have set myself, and that I WILL pass the finish line faster than last time, or I will run further next time. I guess that over 40 I want to prove their is life in the old dog yet.

I am hoping that through my blog I can share my experiences and perhaps pick up tips from more seasoned runners. Either way I am hoping it will help me to record my painful journey to my first half marathon and beyond.....


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